Why Blog?

My favorite answer to people asking how to better market their company / product / ideas is to get a blog – kinda like this one. How come? Because they are so easy to create and maintain, mostly. Take a look at your alternatives;

  • You could produce a flyer to email or mail to your customers / prospects
  • You could send out a company newsletter via email of snail mail
  • You could also place the marketing material on your regular website, if you have one.

While each of the above has its advantages / disadvantages, none of them can compare to a blog:

  • The cost to create the blog is about the same as it is to create and mail a single newsletter.
  • Blogs are available to be viewed 24 / 7 – they are immediate and can be updated later as needed
  • Search engines love them – over time you can have a whole lot of information that the search engines can point their traffic to
  • They are easy to use and maintain

There are disadvantages to having a blog too;

  • If you have a blog, ideally you should post on it maybe 3 times a week to keep the search engines coming back.
  • The cost to post is, uh, nothing but you do have to find the time to do it. But maybe that is something you can delegate to some underling! (smile)
  • Ideally you should have original content on the blog, not just copy and paste information you got elsewhere, and can sometimes be difficult for people not as talented as myself. (smile again)

And oh yeah, did I mention that website-help-blog.com can create a blog for you, then train you on how to use it? And all at a price you will find most agreeable.  Just let us know if you are intested.

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