Ready for HTTPS?

Like it or not Google has updated their algorithm to give a preference to secure websites; one that use the https encrypted connection. Normally you only need to encrypt your pages having sensitive data, like payment checkout pages. But because of all the privacy concerns in the world today, Google is encouraging people to make their whole website encrypted!

Is this something you should do with your website? Well I like to say there are “pros and cons” to everything – so lets take a look at that:

  • Con: it requires you to purchase an SSL certificate (cost ranges anywhere from $20 – $150, depending on what type you need)
  • Con: encryption can slow down the loading speed of your site
  • Con: https doesn’t stop the hackers into your website or otherwise protect your web files themselves.
  • Pro: your data flow between your PC and the web server you are connected to is encrypted so no one can intercept transmitted data
  • Pro: the connection to your site is encrypted! No one can keep tabs on your website visit.
  • Pro: having a secure website can lend your site credibility. You get one of those little green icons at the top of the browser page – yee hah!

I’ve updated a few websites so they are completely private, including my own. Just another day at the office…

Here’s an additional article that talks about HTTPS and explains this even more.

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