Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of those things that few people pursue, even though it will pay big dividends later. How come?  Because the point is to find out what people are searching for on the internet.  Why is that important? Because you want some of that search traffic to come to your website. If everyone on the internet is searching for “widgets”, but you are optimizing your website for “doohickeys” then maybe no one ever visits your website.

Basic Steps:

  • Make an initial list of keywords for your website.
  • Go to Keyword Map and get some more ideas. The Keyword Map is a good place to ‘spitball’ ideas, since it shows relationships between keywords that you might not think of.
  • Then go to Google and find out which ones are being actively searched, which ones are not. Google is responsible for up to 75% of all search traffic on the web – and they are the “go to” source. 
    • Google Keyword Tool (made for PPC campaigns) – will give you a large list of keywords and how much competition there is for it.
    • Google Insights for Search – shows you what words are being searched most, as well as other ones that are ‘up and coming’.
    • Google Search-based Keyword Tool – this is a tool that will recommend search keywords after evaluating your website.
    • Google Trends – this tool will show you the history of any particular keyword – its trend over time. It will show you yearly cycles, which is helpful, or you can search a keyword like ‘twitter’ and watch how that keyword took off and when – or others that have petered out.
  • Now take these keywords and sprinkle them liberally all over your website. If possible, include the biggest one in your URL.
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