Does Your Domain Name Target Your Audience?

What if Facebook had been named Or what if Twitter was called Well I can guarantee you one thing: neither of those names would receive many visitors. The names are simple too complicated and hard to read.

A domain name is your personal identity on the vast expanse we call the Internet. It’s how people remember your site, bookmark your site, and come back to your site. And that’s where the importance of a good domain name comes into play. Now, you can’t expect people to come and socialize on a website name

In order for your domain name to reach the right audience and get the most traffic, your domain name needs to be unique, memorable, and accurate.

First Impression

Your domain name is what leaves the first impression on your site visitors. If you create a search engine website and name it Boogle, chances are, visitors are going to dismiss it as a knock off. That’s why uniqueness is key to having a successful domain name.

Be Creative!

Make sure it is informative and creative at the same time. Renowned bloggers say that when it comes to making a new name, they try to avoid host sites as much as possible. When you use a free website host to launch your own website, the domain name will have your host’s name in it and your site will lose its professional appeal. To avoid this, own your domain name and make sure it does not already exist on the Internet.

Be Memorable!

Memorability is one of the greatest things you can give your domain name. It’s what gives you new visitors and brings back old visitors. To keep your website’s name memorable, I suggest keeping it simple and easy to spell. Overcomplicating a name is not only irritating for a user, but people will lose interest upon seeing such a site in a search engine or web directory.

Oh Those Keywords…

Using keywords that pertain to your site is also handy in finding your domain name easily and increasing accessibility for potential visitors. But accuracy is also a vital part of a domain name. Make sure the name actually addresses what the user will find in the site. Adding a signature twist to the name is also helpful in having your website being remembered for being different. However, don’t go too overboard. Keep your target audience in mind. If you’re aiming to have teenagers visit your site, add something fresh and spunky to your domain name. But if you’re going to have business professionals on your site, having a simple and appropriate name is a safer bet.

Ultimately, all of these elements will catch your visitor’s eye and lead them to your site. When it comes to starting your own site, your domain name is what will ultimately make or break you in terms of how much web traffic you’re going to get. Sure, publicizing your site here and there will get you visitors, but gaining the loyalty of returning visitors is what really counts. So when you’re thinking up a domain name for your site, remember these tips and success is yours.

Connie Davis is a contributing author for NerdWallet, a personal finance website, where you can find advice on a range of topics from managing credit debt to where to find retail coupons.

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