• Website Help helps small businesses compete with the big online websites.
  • We help small websites market themselves better, to increase customers and promote their business.
  • We try hard to be a partner in our customer’s businesses, helping them be more successful in what they do.

The Website-Help-Blog is operated by Joe and Lisa Bray as a method to help our customers from, located right here in beautiful Meridian, Idaho. The company started back in 2001 as just a hobby, began when I was making websites for family and friends and realized there was a demand for it. Yes, people are actually willing to pay me money for what I’d used to be doing for free!  Woo hoo!

Joe is a retired Navy Chief, who after getting out of the service received his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems at Boise State University (2002). Later he received his Master’s degree in eBusiness from University of Phoenix (2005). Lisa has worked as a marketer and in management for over 10 years, has her Bachelor’s degree in Business – and just recently received her Master’s degree in Education.

For the record, this blog is by WordPress, and is themed by digitalnature.