Adding “Live Chat” to Your Site

One option available to any website owner is placing ‘live chat’ on their website. I have it on some of my websites, and there are pros and cons to having it:


  • It is inexpensive to place on the site – some nice chat software is available for about $20 / month.
  • Very easy to set up – can be up and running in usually under 10 minutes (although you do have to set up how you want it to run, and do some testing / training on it)
  • You can raise your over-all conversion rate by being able to communicate with those people in a hurry, or with those people who want to remain anonymous.
  • The functionality for most of the chat companies is pretty high. The ‘live chat’ emblem on the site will automatically let the site visitor if you are online or not – and if not will send you an email notification someone tried contacting you.
  • An excellent side benefit is that you can get some analytics on your website visitors, like where they are located, what keyword they used to get to your site, what pages they’ve viewed, how many times they’ve visited your site, all in real time. (if you are smart, you are already getting this info with real analytics software)


  • You have to have someone available to answer questions.
  • You can annoy your website visitors by being too intrusive – like if you have a pop-up that keeps asking them to chat.

Overall, the pros easily outweigh the cons.  It is just another tool you can use to be more successful.  Sure, having chat doesn’t make sense for every type website – but any website where a ‘conversion’ is important it only makes sense to include chat as an option.

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