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Is Your Website Really Secure?

So you have updated your website to use encryption (HTTPS) and you want to know if the website is really secure. There is a neat website that will check it for you, and if there are any problems will give you the list. The website is Why No Padlock – referring to the green padlock icon you should be seeing in the browser address bar.

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Google Do’s and Don’ts

Do's and Don'ts for SEOHere is a well written article about what you should and should not be doing on your website to be smiled upon by Google, from The Moral Concept. Everyone wants to be ranked well by Google; they want to know what they need to do to get ranked higher, or what they need to avoid doing. Sort of fun putting it into a ‘moral perspective’ too, calling out Google for their lack of transparency on the matter.

Anyways, the parts that jumped out at me are;


  • Usage metrics like bounce rate, or others that imply a good user experience
  • Authoritative outlinks on your content (how many people actually do that?)
  • Robust info for your ‘about us’ page, contact info, mission statement, etc.
  • ‘Date Last Updated’ on every page


  • Duplicate titles, descriptions, tags, etc.
  • ‘Aggressive’ search phrase keyword use on site, over-stuffing the pages
  • Old or outdated information (keep the content fresh)
  • Reading level is too low (!!!)
  • Poorly maintained website; broken links or images

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