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Conversion Rate Optimization

The term CRO (conversion rate optimization) is relatively a new one – but the idea behind it is not. How do we get more sales from the website? How do we better convert the website traffic we are getting? These are the type questions most website owners will ask at some point along the way.

The thing to realize about CRO is that no one has the exact answer for every website because there are simply too many variables. So a good first step is to study the “best practices” about how to convert website traffic, and then implement them into your website. Doing things like:

  • having a good call to action button (CTA), and good placement
  • having dedicated landing pages
  • having a good offer or incentive
  • good website content
  • adding trust symbols to the page

All of the above will help, no doubt, but it only works so far. At some point you will simply have to test it, whatever “it” is. What do I mean? I mean set your website up to do some A/B testing of the supposed improvement. Google Experiments works pretty good, and is easy enough for anyone to use. Basically you set up 2 webpages, the only difference between the two pages being your hopeful improvement idea.  You let it run for a couple weeks, and you see which version of the page converts best. Presto – we have a winner! Sometimes the improvement might be something as simple as the color of the button being used – and you will see improvement.

A key point is to think long-term about CRO.  You will rarely see large improvements in the conversion rates unless your page really sucked when you started – so you should be shooting for incremental improvement. Try to improve the conversion rate one-tenth of a percent this month – for each month this year – so that by the end of the year you have solid improvement.

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