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PPC Strategies

So you want to do better with your PPC campaign, but you are not sure what to do, or how to do it. There are lots of different strategies you can try, if you find the current one isn’t working. Some work best in certain industries, while others don’t, you just have to try them out and see what works for you. And these work in either Google Adwords or Microsoft AdCenter.

So here are some helpful suggestions for what you might try in your PPC campaigns before walking away in disgust:

  1. The most common strategy to follow is probably a position strategy, in that you increase or decrease your bid to achieve a specific average position. So if your target position is 3 and the average position for the keyword is higher than 3, then you increase the bid, but if it is lower than 3 you decrease it.
  2. Another strategy is what I call the ‘long tail’ strategy, in that you use the more obscure phrase and exact keywords, and then bid low on them.
  3. Try using a ‘geo strategy’ when you want to keep your business local, so you screen out any clicks from outside your target area.
  4. If you know all your conversions occur during working hours, usually with a B2B business, set the campaign to shut off after hours.
  5. Try using the display network. I know I know, it almost never works, but sometimes it does. Make sure you set it up in its own campaign for better tracking.
  6. Test using all 3 versions of the keyword; broad, phrase, and exact. You will find that some will convert while others don’t, and the conversions occur at different bid levels. You can keep them separate ad groups for better tracking.
  7. How are your ads? The keyword and its bid is where it all starts, but look at improving the ads on a continual basis. Always have at least 2 ads running in any ad group, and every couple weeks throw away the loser and try and come up with a new one that can then beat the winner.
  8. How about the landing pages? If you are sending your traffic to your website homepage, this is almost always a mistake. Just like with the ads, always try to keep improving your landing pages since that is where the conversion is taking place.

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