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How to Monitor Your SEO

So maybe you have been trying to improve the SEO values of your website, and you now want to check to see if you are being effective.  Or even better maybe you are paying someone else to do your SEO for you, and you want to get an unbiased status of how they are doing. What to do?

Some people simply open Google and do a search using their main keywords, to get a feel for how they are doing. But this is a bad idea since Google is giving you skewed results because your setting say you are living in Idaho. Doh!  So you turn the location setting off, and now you get better search results, but then you can’t remember what your ranking was last time you checked.

So what you really need is a tool that will 1) check the keyword ranking for all the search keywords you need, and 2) keep a history of it all over time, showing you the trend lines.

But wait, there’s more!  You also need to know something about your backlinks coming into your site. 1) How many do you have, 2) what are they, and 3) are the backlinks any good.

Anyways, the point I wanted to make is that you need a good SEO ranking tool – and I just happen to have one. The service is online so you can check your keywords any time of the day. And here is the price list for the service, click to get more information:


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Good Website Content

What makes a website stand apart from other websites? The first answer that comes to my mind is the website design, right? But what is often overlooked is the content of the website: meaning what the website is saying, and how it is saying it.

Now personally I’m not really a “content guy” – I tend to cut and paste content into the website that I’m making or maintaining, so I’m not a real good person to ask to do that sort of thing. But even though I can’t ‘do’, like most everyone you know good content when you see it.

So that is why I recommend you read this article about content marketing. By Smashing Magazine, it breaks the whole idea down into understandable parts, and makes even me think I might be able to right great website content (smile).

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