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Directory List

When creating a new website, the next important step is for you to get the word out that the website exists – to market the thing.  And for SEO purposes you need to get yourself some inbound links to your website (links coming from other websites back to yours).  So one of the basic SEO things to do is get your site added to some directories.  Directories are not what they once were – Google has downgraded most of them so they aren’t worth the effort.  And there are so many of them out there – which ones do you choose? As always when it comes to links, you need to base your decision on 1) relevancy, 2) quality and also 3) cost.

Relevancy – does the direc tory target your industry or did you have to search their listings to find your category?

Quality – what does Google think of the site?  Ideally you want to be listed in those website directories that Google considers important.  Its all about the Google.  And stay away from those directories that are more interested in pushing their ads than pushing your listing (just my opinion).

Cost – many are free, but I’d make a guess and say a “good deal” would be a link from a good directory for about 20 / year.

I’ve created a list of website directories that you can download, an Excel file.  I have a column in it for PR, which is for Google page rank, but do feel free to modify it any way you want.  The information like PR rank and cost is about a year old or so, so be warned not to rely on it.  What I try to do is sort them by page rank, then look at each of them for quality and cost.  And then make the ‘buy’ decision from that…

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