How Much For A Website?

Without doubt the number one question I get from people can be boiled down to two words: how much? There is lots of confusion about the costs involved with having a website, so let me break it down for you. Basically it can all be broken down into three parts: your domain, your host, and your maintenance costs.

Domain Name Costs: $10 / year. I’ve written about domain names earlier.

Hosting Costs: $25 / month. This is the typical charge I have for hosting fees. You can find some hosting out there for $5 dollars per month, and others over $100. The average hosting fees to a small business is supposed to be $45 / month. At my company, I sweeten the pot by offering free maintenance with each hosted website that I make.

Maintenance Costs: $0 – 85 / hour. The maintenance includes the initial design costs, as well as any costs later when you need to revise or update the information on the website. An important question to ask the person building your website is how much it will cost to maintain it later on, that way you are not caught by surprise. My standard rate for doing maintenance work is usually around 30 / hour.

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    I don’t know if you intentionally left out the cost for building the actual website but thought I would throw my two cents in.

    The cost of having the website actually created can vary all over the place from free up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Keep in mind the saying you get what you pay for and the lower the cost the odds are it will not return any investment in time or money. Yes if you just need to get some text and wording up and don’t care if anyone actually finds the site and the overall design isn’t important then yes you can find some online build your own type sites.

    If you have a professional business that you want to grow then make sure you find several good local web development companies, always check there portfolios and then get several quotes. Make sure they explain everything and you can then make your decision. Just take your time figuring out who to use but also realize for a better product you may need to have a realistic budget.

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